About Me

Full Name: Samson "REB" (Ya ain't gettin' my last name)

Age: 16

Email: Rebelsagod@zohomail.com.au or REBIZTHEGODOFEARTH64@Aol.com

Country: Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Future Career: Music Recorder

School: Nah, ya ain't gettin' that

Favorite Bands: The Beatles, NIRVANA, The Strokes

Favorite Genre: Metal, Rock, Grunge, Punk

Favorite Hobby: Runnin' this kool site for y'all, Playin' guitar, Photography and I.T

Favorite Sitcoms: Seinfeld, Friends, Saved By The Bell

Current Phone: iPhone SE Gen 2

Favorite CD: Loveless by My Bloody Valentine

Favorite Song: Only Shallow - My Bloody Valentine

Favorite Game: DOOM (The 1993 Version)

Other Socials? Here they are:

Bitview: SamsonIzBored07

Spacehey: Spacehey.com/REB (I go on it, but I don't post or message people much of anymore).

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